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The Great Divide


The destiny of the west is written in the headwaters of Colorado. Tens of millions of people, billions of dollars of agricultural production, and an enormous amount of economic activity across a vast swath of America from California to the Mississippi River are all dependent on rivers born in the mountains of Colorado. In this time of increasing demand and limited supply, it is essential to promote a more informed and inclusive discussion concerning decisions affecting our water resources.


In 2012, Jim approached Maggie Coval at Colorado Humanities with the idea of being the fiscal sponsor for a feature-length documentary exploring the history and future of water in Colorado. Colorado Humanities Board accepted and with the assistance of Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs and the Colorado Foundation for Water Education, we formed an advisory council comprised of a diverse group of Colorado water experts. The council assisted us in presenting this complex subject in a fair and accurate way, while ensuring that the film has longterm value for public education.

Over the course of the three year production, we conducted 54 interviews from a wide range of perspectives, and travelled to all corners of the state.


The film premiered in Denver at The Newman Center for Performing Arts on August 6th, 2015, to an audience of over 650 patrons. Proceeds from the premiere went to distributing the film to 2,000 schools and libraries throughout Colorado. Since the premiere, the film has screened at dozens locations throughout Colorado, as well as being broadcast on 9News and PBS.


“Havey Productions’ gripping documentary does a masterful job balancing different sides of a very complex subject, telling a comprehensive story about Colorado’s water past, present and future. From the history, to the cultural influence, to the legal battles over water rights, this film hits it all with precision and graceful neutrality….The first step to meeting the water challenges we face is education, which is exactly what you’ll get from this documentary.”
Denver Water News

“It may be the most important message of our time.”
Cynthia C. Neely, Executive Director
Georgetown Trust for Conservation & Preservation Inc.

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