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Moving Mountains


What does it take to construct a major highway through the heart of the Rocky Mountains, or carve a tunnel directly through the middle of one of them? And what are the impacts and benefits of such a monumental undertaking? In 2012, CDOT approached us about making a short documentary that would tell the story of the construction of the I-70 Mountain Corridor, as well as the challenges involved in the construction and expansion of Colorado’s first interstate Tunnels.


Since 2010, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has worked with HaveyPro Cinema to create moving and vivid films that highlight the history of areas impacted by its projects as a way to fulfill Section 106 requirements. Throughout the development of the script, we worked with CDOT, local history organizations, the city of Idaho Springs, and History Colorado. We interviewed the regional director of RTD Tony DeVito, Colorado historian Steve Leonard, and CDOT historian Lisa Schoch, as well as utilized archival photos and footage from a variety of historical archives. The resulting film presents a concise and informative history of the I-70 Corridor and raises public awareness about the critical need for the expansion of the Twin Tunnels.


Our primary objectives are to both fulfill the specific requirements set forth by the client and consulting parties, and to expand public knowledge and interest in these projects. Rather than just an informational sign on the side of the highway, these films tell the story of the rich history that informs each project, while increasing public appreciation for engineering feats and accomplishments in historic preservation.

The film currently screens at the Georgetown Visitor’s Center and the Idaho Springs History Museum, and can be viewed on our website.

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