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The Cable Television Legacy of Bill Daniels


Commonly known as the “father of cable television,” Bill Daniels pioneered the development of a new industry, expanding the reach of cable television to thousands of areas isolated from the airwaves across the country. Having come from humble beginnings himself, Bill believed that those who have achieved success have a responsibility to help others. In addition to becoming one of the century’s most visionary entrepreneurs, Bill’s innumerable charitable contributions continue to impact countless lives and organizations.


Since 2012, we have enjoyed working with the Daniels Fund in telling their stories through numerous film projects. The story of Bill’s career in cable is one of our favorites. Widely known as a shrewd but fair negotiator of the highest integrity, whose handshake meant more than any detailed contract, we wanted to make sure to emphasize Bill’s character with interview footage from a variety of key figures in the cable industry. B-roll includes archival pictures and footage from the The Cable Center’s Barco Library, the Daniels Fund and Library of Congress.


The resulting film reveals Bill’s remarkable life and career, his accomplishments and struggles, as well as the breadth of his charitable outreach. It preserves Bill’s legacy for future Daniels Fund Board and staff, and provides an inspirational biography for the general public. The film continues to be screened at Daniels Fund events, and is available on our website.

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