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The Perfect Storm on the Upper Colorado


Grand County is the site for some of the most pivotal water decisions to affect Colorado, including the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement and the Windy Gap Firming Project. In 2014, following a presentation Jim gave at a water conference in Grand County, we were approached by the county about making a documentary that would tell the story of the recent water agreements between Grand County, Denver Water, Northern Water and other western slope interests. Considering the importance and complexity of this subject, we were excited to craft a story around these events.


Principal photography took place between May and August of 2015, taking us throughout the county and its liquid landmarks. We filmed interviews with key players in the negotiations including Eric Kuhn of Colorado River District, Eric Wilkinson of Northern Water, Jim Lochhead of Denver Water, Grand County Commissioner James Newberry, and Grand County Manager Lurline Curran.


The resulting film highlights Grand County’s water heritage and the issues affecting the county’s, and the state’s, water future. Our goal was to inform Grand County residents and audiences across Colorado in a way that inspires a feeling of pride, ownership and responsibility in the stewardship of water throughout the state. The film premiered in Winter Park during September of 2015, and is currently available online. It is also included as an extra on The Great Divide DVD, which has expanded the reach of the film’s story.



“In less than a year we accomplished capturing a story I felt so strongly Grand County needed to tell and I feel we together accomplished the mission! Thank you so much for your professionalism, listening to what we wanted to capture and producing it! It’s been a pleasure working with you!”

DiAnn Butler
Grand County Economic Development Coordinator

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