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The Great Divide

water1The People’s Ditch – San Luis, CO – Oldest water right in Colorado

The destiny of the West is written in the headwaters of Colorado.

Tens of millions of people, billions of dollars of agricultural production, and an enormous amount of economic activity across a vast swath of America from California to the Mississippi River are all dependent on rivers born in the mountains of Colorado.  In a time of mounting demand and limited supply, the need for all citizens to better understand and participate in decisions affecting this critical resource is paramount.

Havey Productions, in association with Colorado Humanities, is excited to announce The Great Divide, a feature length documentary film, about the timeless influence of water in both connecting and dividing an arid state and region. From Ancient Puebloan cultures and the gold rush origins of Colorado water law to agriculture, dams, diversions and conservation; the film will reveal today’s critical need to cross “the great divide,” replacing conflict with cooperation.

The Great Divide will raise public understanding and appreciation of Colorado’s water heritage while inspiring personal responsibility and informed discussion concerning the critical challenge confronting the state and region with increasing urgency — forging collaborative solutions for managing this most precious resource for a prosperous and sustainable future.

With burgeoning support and enthusiasm, we are excited to begin production on this visually stunning and emotionally rich film that will educate and motivate Colorado and the nation to view western water issues through a historic lens. For more information please email Alysha@haveypro.com or take a look at www.thegreatdividefilm.com.

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